Too much cum for her

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Fil - 17 April 15:19

nice large knocker

Tabatha - 10 June 03:41

best gender ever!

Lilliana - 20 September 17:00

Hmmm. Ok. Gemini, waterbender, thespian, sexplaneteer, instrumentalist, truecat somebody, pansexual, panromantic, camper, bassoonist, starkid, self-aware gleek, clarinetist, percussionist, vocaliser, gender-queer but ok with lady parts, sherlockian, whovian, cockbyte, bich, nerdfighter, encephalon scooper, atheist, feminist, tea too coffee drinker, root beer enthusiast, younglady scout, shipper, too likely a bagillion things also that i cant think of right atpresent.

Brauning - 11 April 16:17

I think the double criterion betwixt men aswellas women over promiscuous terms exists for a reason: human biologicalscience doesn't incline women to seek out gender as strongly as it does men (quite the opposite), so a female imitating the sexual traits of men stands out plenty to warrant such a distinction, though non necessarily the insults (sl*t, wh*re). This would explicate why men who DON'T seek out gender are called demeaning words of their ain (p*ssy, f*g). You tincan decry the exercise of insults without claiming sexism, per se, which is divisive morethan than anything.

Kemfort - 27 June 10:28

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